The easy way to give back

Boost the power of your debit or credit cards

Supercharge your current cards with Karma! Earn extra cashback at 10,000+ retailers β€” on top of what your card already offers β€” and automatically donate it to causes you love. Shop, earn, and give back without spending an extra dime.
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Cashback that gives back

Unlock up to 5% cashback at 10K+ locations

$0.00 Monthly Fee

Sign up in as little as 5 minutes and start earning & donating cashback today -- all for $0.

10K+ Stores

Shop at over 10,000 merchants online & nationwide.

5% Cashback

Earn cashback on eligible purchases & donate it effortlessly to your favorite charity.
Connect, earn, and donate

Can I trust Karma with my security?

Absolutely! At Karma, your security is our priority.

We've teamed up with MX, a reputable financial data provider, to securely link your card to your Karma Account. Your data is encrypted, shared only with your approval, and never sold. You can stop sharing your data anytime.
What are you waiting for?

Let’s Karmify your life

Connect your credit or debit cards to your Karma User Account and start earning and giving back effortlessly, without dipping into your own pocket.
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