Deepen customer loyalty, support local causes

Karma Connect Makes it Easy. Rewards-as-a-service solution designed to drive customer loyalty and have a positive impact on your local community
Expand your reach

Strengthen your community, one swipe at a time

Karma Connect is a powerful loyalty program designed specifically for community banks and credit unions like yours.

* Subject to registration and ID verification

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Karma Connect empowers you to

Customer Loyalty

Offer cashback rewards and exclusive discounts, incentivizing customers to stay with you.

a Positive Impact

Appeal to a values-driven audience passionate about giving back.

Amplify Your Sustainability Efforts

Promote your alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Empower Customers to Give Back

Let your customers make a positive impact by donating their earned rewards to a network of verified charities.
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Seamless integration
for your bank

* Subject to registration and ID verification

Increased Sales & Customer Retention

Everyday banking activities like using a debit card or opening new accounts earn rewards.

Support Local Causes

They choose charities they care about within your community

Effortless Redemption

Track and manage rewards directly within their online banking platform.
Streamlines charitable giving

cashforward donations

Karma Connect streamlines charitable giving by allowing you to select local charities to support. With automated donations, the cashback earned by your customers is automatically forwarded to your chosen charities, ensuring a positive local impact effortlessly.

of Rewards, 
Endless Impact

Karma Connect boasts one of the most extensive cashback programs. Customers earn up to 20% cashback at:

Local & National Merchants

Gas stations, grocery stores, retailers, restaurants, hotels, and home improvement stores.

Boost Customer Engagement

Karma Connect’s diverse network keeps customers actively using your services.

Join the movement

Speak with a Karma Connect representative to explore how the program benefits your bank.

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