Karma Connect: Empowering Loyalty with Positive Impact

Transform your loyalty program and engage customers passionate about giving back.
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The Loyalty Program for Conscious Consumers

Align Your Finances with Your Values

Today’s consumers seek more than just traditional rewards. They want to align their finances with their values and make a positive impact. Karma Connect offers a revolutionary loyalty program that goes beyond cashback. Cardholders earn rewards on everyday purchases and can choose to keep them or donate to their favorite charities, helping to make a positive difference.

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Here's how Karma Connect benefits your financial institution

* Subject to registration and ID verification

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Motivate cardholders with a program that resonates with their values.

The Power of Choice

Offer a vast network of merchant partners for flexible reward earning.

Charitable Giving

Foster a sense of community and social responsibility, attracting socially conscious customers.

A Network Built for Success

Connect with neobanks, charities, and other institutions for a win-win ecosystem.
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Benefits for Your Financial Institution

Customer Loyalty

Retain customers with a program that aligns with their values.

Differentiation in
a Competitive Market

Stand out by offering a loyalty program with purpose.

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Promote social responsibility and create a positive impact alongside your customers.

Improved Customer Engagement

Foster deeper connections and increase customer satisfaction.

Join a Movement of Changemakers

Karma Connect isn't just a program, it's a network of financial institutions, merchants, and charities working together to create positive change. Schedule a Demo and see how we can customize a program for your unique needs.

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